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Improve abandoned baskets

Posted Jun 2016

We usually look at the abandoned basket figures as a area we can continually improve on. Recent studies show that every year the rate of abandoned carts is increasing. What as marketers can we do to minimise the impact on our own stores?

We have compiled a small list of areas you should be looking at to help see an improvement in your abandoned basket statistics. We know that there will always be a percentage of customers who don’t convert because they are comparing prices, looking at reviews, choice of products or looking for a promotion but with our tips you hopefully can drive some of these potential customers to convert on your e-commerce store.

1: Trust. People like to see the green bar at the top when entering payment details and are reassured by messages from companies like Verisign and Symatec making sure their details will be encrypted when making a purchase. So if you have an SSL provider ask them for there logo and display it on key areas such as the homepage and product pages below the “add to basket” button.

2: Price. Have you recently compared your prices to the competition? Are you still competitive with the rest of the market? If you can afford any small changes in your margins it could give you the edge when it comes to customers who are price conscious.

3: Postage. The price is a really important one but I know a lot of e-commerce stores have their prices set by the brands and companies that supply them so a good way to get an competitive edge is to look at your postage rates. Can you offer a discount or even free delivery at certain times of the week or on holidays? this can really give you an edge over competition and drive up sales.

4: Free Gifts or Discounts. This method is really effective on holidays, customer’s birthdays and those days when your revival online stores are not running any promotions. Not only can it drive up conversion but with a desirable free gift or discount if you spend over a certain value can drive up your average order value.

5: Advertising. Keep on top of any digital advertising you are running. Do the adverts link through to relevant content and products?

6: Product Information. An often simple but overlooked point but we see a lot of e-commerce stores more interested in SEO content than good product informative product information that helps the customer make a choice.

7: User experience. We value this highest on the list because if a customer visits your e-commerce store and the check out process is non responsive, too many fields, confusing flow, slow to load redirects to another site can all lead to customers going elsewhere. In e-commerce UX isn’t a one off job it should be evolving based on your customer data, reviews.

8: Customer reviews. Providing reviews both good and bad help to reassure customers whether your e-commerce store provides a good service and your products are as described. Don’t be tempted to fill your website products with in house written reviews as customers will be able to tell. We would recommend using an independent review provider such as Freefo or Trustpilot. Getting good reviews is the easy part. How you respond to the negative messages can have a really positive effect on your business so its best to deal with them honestly and as quickly as possible because if you let a bad experience linger it can drive an upset customer to social media to get a more immediate response.

9: Video. New stats suggest up to a 1/3 of people go online to watch video content so as an e-commerce store you could be tapping into that by producing engaging product videos, adverts or selling your brand story to potential customers. These could be rolled out on your website, social media or paid video advertising like Google.

We also provide a dropped basket email service that lets you target customers who have dropped out of the purchase journey. Sending a personalised tailored message to each customer can get them to come back and complete their purchase through offering them a customised experience. We hope you find this small list useful and if you need any help implementing any of these changes to your e-commerce store please get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your conversions.



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