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Importance of A/B testing

Posted Feb 2016

A / B testing isn’t something new but if you are not doing this either on your website or email campaigns you could be loosing a lot of customers and sales. A / B testing basically means showing a percentage of your web visitors one home page and the other visitors a homepage with some changes.

Sometimes you might be considering a promotion if a bank holiday is coming up but you are unsure if you want to offer free postage or a free gift incentive A / B testing can provide valuable data to show which one is getting more conversions then you can confidently run the one that performs better.

A / B testing proves useful is UX experiments when your design team come up with a suggestion to fix how the search bar looks and functions. Internally it might seem like a great idea but its best user test to make sure it does its job properly on the live e-commerce site could users get annoyed as they liked the search as it was. All these scenarios can be helped by A / B testing and documenting your results to ensure the best outcome for your website and customers.

A lot of the times changes can be really simple for example the colour of the buy button. Colour theorists suggest that green / orange are the best performing colours for getting customers to click buy but which is better? A / B testing can help find the answer.

We create hundreds of HTML email campaigns each year for our clients and one of the best uses of A / B testing is email subject lines. Should you use a long one, short one, one with emoji’s? We can test one or all those ideas for you and whichever proves most effective we send it to the rest of your email list hopefully driving up open rates.

From a couple of ideas, we hope you can perhaps see a use for your business to start making use of A/ B testing. Please get in touch with the team to see how we can help you get A / B testing into your campaigns.




A B Testing

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